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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 29, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> saying keeping them out of school after a threat seemed like a good idea. >> i just couldn't you know... 80% of me nudging is going to happen. how could you live with yourself? >> this was a threat on a bathroom wall. i expletive hit everyone at the school. she called to let them know she was not going to be in on the 14th. >> i called and i let them know i never got a truancy letter are. >> i many parents did. the letters went out when students did not show up for classes. her daughter told her she wasn't learning something. -- anything. >> it was marked truant.
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so we're just going to fix that and call them n we know the date. >> parents say the calling in is what usually made the difference. saying his friends. >> very two friends that didn't call in the morning. so says the notices don't usually go out unless someone is absent at least three days and he says it has to be a valid excuse. saying the california education code only recognizes things like illness as valid excuse autos thank you very much. police tonight have released pictures and names of two people involved in wednesday night's officer involved shooting and found out the passenger, a 23-year-old
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samuel rose was shot along with the driver. this happened on al ma den road. police responded to a report of a stolen vehicle. authorities told us he drove forward then hit an officer, both people suffered minor wounds.,% police want to find this man who they say robbed a bank. take a look just before noon on tuesday. he is as you can see african american five eight, fairly large build. >> a woman suing the school district for a sexual assault happened two decades ago is over her first hurdle in court. the suit accuses the district and administrators of covering up assaults against her in early 90s with you but the school district contends the statute of limitations has run out. meaning she missed an opportunity to sue. >> this district is asking for
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a get out of jail free cards saying they did a good job concealing what they knew. we're confident that that will not prevail. >> it claims the suit covered up assault business two different students. >> an alert parent helped police arrest a man taking pictures of young children in a gymnastics. reresponded to a picture on leslie street. he had been taking photos on the mobile phone. police identified the man. peninsula gymnastics identified the families of the children. horgan hill police seized almost 3,000 marijuana plants from a rented warehouse and confiscated 30 pounds of the
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drug. an air filtration and irrigation system. officers arrested a 32-year-old. they say he tried to avoid protection for not applying for a business license in order to work in that warehouse. >> people in santa cruz are bracing for a long, dry summer, officials proposing restrictions on nonessential water use from may until october meaning no watering launz during daytime hours no, draining and filling pools, restaurants serving water to customers. >> we went through it into 70s and 80s. yes. it's just an ongoing thing here. >> things goring to die we're going to see brown lawns again. >> it's estimated restricks
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could save a hundred million gallons of water. >> gas prices may go up because of regulations introduced by the obama administration. the epa proposes cutting sul nur gasoline by two thirds. oil companies say it would raise the price of gas by about a dime per gallon. there is began fran giants going to be holding a news conference. here is a live picture of the giants ballpark. 40,000 people expected to attend the second game this is going to announce the signing ofger rald posey, you know him as buster to, get this, nine years, $167 million contract. wow. he has been in the majors less
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than three years and won rookie of the year. >> what a birthday present that is. >> happy birthday. yeah. >> fans too, too. >> coming up here, encouraging numbers are out for california today. but will those figures translate into summer jobs for a group hard hit during recession? we're going to take a look at where teenager are finding jobs this year. >> a tiny drawer that looks like something out of alice and wonderland. abc 7 news
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president obama making his first trip to northern california since the election. this wednesday he will attend an event with nancy pelosi, thursday, will be at a democratic fund-raiser in atherton. >> bay area's economic recovery starting to spread to the rest of the state. figures released today show california's unemployment rate dropped from 9.8 to 9.6%. construction add td 5700 jobs signaling the housing market is bouncing back. prices beginning to come up. california added almost 300,000 jobs in the past 12 months. it's hard to believe teenagers across the bay area will be out of school in just months and many will be looking for summer jobs.
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and still not going to be easy. david louie has been looking at the teen job market. >> jamba juice is well known for hiring teenagers. 18, 20 in every store but teen unemployment rate here is a whopping 25%. just last month, santa clara park was busy trying to fill the jobs. he took a job as a swim instructor. >> many people are playing for same jobs, it depends on pay people get. >> 1600 new jobs created in a single month from january to february. dylan got hired by great america.
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he explains why he thinks he beat out many others for the job. >> this interview you have to be outgoing and loud they're timid. and the job market remains for others. >> i just do it online. sometimes, i hear back. sometimes, they say no. and this is a dead end. >> people have to deal with people and interact like professional wo.z we have people at guest services have to deal with problems. >> this is a first job for 75% of the teens it hirz that accepted a challenge by u.s. labor secretary to hire more
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teen autos so we stepped up to a 2500 commitment and exceeded that by like 300 service. it's last summer aconsiders the system. >> another factor could impact the veilibility is the new minl wage went up to $10 an hour. >> thank you. there is a huge networking opportunity coming up in may at the professional business women's conference in san francisco. jackie spear founded knit 1989 so business women would spark new ideas. >> you say to women, girls don't ab frayed to fail. >> very an actual paper weight that reads what would do you if you knew you could not fail is in the truth is that fear
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sometimes paralyzes us. >> you're going to hear more from congress woman speier who also talk about the book lien in. i hope you'll june me here on abc p. >> qain harris spoke for the first time be being gay. he says professional sports as an unwritten code. >> love football. football provided me with experiences and opportunities i won't trade for anything else. but the cost was great in asking me to snot be able to be open about myself in this manner he was outed when charged with beating up his boyfriend last year. the trial starts next month. >> giants pitcher madison balmgartner showing gratitude
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for long overlooked workers he took the giants ballpark grounds crew out to lunch on the embarcadero today. the 22-year-old has an appreciation for hard work that is done around the ballpark. >> i do work on the farm myself. nobody sees. just becomes unexpected. and i want to give back to them a little bit. i know a lot of the guys pretty g you know? super nice guy autos so is he. after feeding the crew he offered gift bags before they went back to work. >> that is cool. >> a small door in a tree is drawing krods in golden gate park. this door sits at the base of a tree near the deyoung museum. visitors are placing notes hoping they'll be read by
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whoever lives in the hole. >> yeah. maybe he just wanted a home. >> we like children and elves and gnomes and butterflies. everything encouraging people to have a good time. we'll probably just leave it. >> why not? if you're looking for something to do, the mystery mitd be worth dating. >> fancy door, too. this event is the us you free style championship. this is a video of the event. so all have you to do is park and walk to see the game for free. dan will be there too, right? >> yes. >> that is hard to watch. >> yes. >> let's -- there is not a lot
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of snow but they're not going get much from the rain. >> enjoying suchblt i have to tell you things have changed in just the last several minutes here. temperatures 73 degrees. 16 degree drop. we have sea breeze back. and you can't see behind me. so change is underway. you'll see first signs of weekend storm. that is not moisture it's just a band of clouds. it's too dry at lower layers to make it to the ground just yet. you can see fog and high clouds above.
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it's been a beautiful, warm spring day that is about to change. it's 50 in half moon bay and a chilly day. only 57 so far. because of the fog. taking a look at the view you can see temperature temperatures. los gatos made it to 82 today. i know, it's hard to believe. a chance of showers, then, showers looking likely easter sunday. so let me show you weather system going to bring us wet weather this weekend. winds ahead of the system brought us warmth today, this area of low pressure moves towards bay area we're going to see the storm coming up tomorrow morning 6:00 a.m.
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really could be cloud cover here, heading into noon, by 5:00 p.m. we're looking at a chance of showers tomorrow evening sunday morning 2:00 a.m. more wide spread activity. you'll need rain coats. you'll notice that afternoon and evening sunday is wet. so bottom line is if you have easter egg hunts saturday morning they're fine. saturday afternoon keep an umbrella handy in case. sunday make sure kids have their rain coats. so rainfall totals like like this, half an inch to an inch in the north bay. about a tenth of an inch to a half inch of rain through sunday night. morning lows, upper 40s to low 50s. we'll see cloud cover. and fog to start off the morn sog if you're traveling watch
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out for fog. it will be dense in spots. mild day still, 69 in sunnyvale. 67 san mateo. 70 degrees in palo alto. 64 on the coast and half moon bay. downtown san francisco, 65 degrees daily city. you'll see clouds and showers gibbing to develop for afternoon around cue kia. 67 there. heading out towards east bay, 68 oakland, 70s in fremont. still a mild day. you might see showers developing by afternoon. 72 in livermore. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. chance of afternoon showers saturday. showers and possibility of thunder, partly cloudy, milder, tuesday, wednesday, wednesday night another system will bring us a chance of rain late. a chance of showers friday. first week of april may look
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wetter than in days past. rain or shine power outage information we'll be sending out tweets. sending out tweets keeping you posted on changes. i'm sandhya patel, with changes underway. back to you in the studio dan, cheryl. >> sandhya, thank you very much. >> coming up next a give away with your dry cleaning covered. >> and latest trend in mind and body relaxation. how to simply float your care as way. that is on abc 7 news at 6:00. we'll be right back here.
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starting thinking about this day on monday. it's friday, a chance to enjoy finney's friday free stuff. >> this is jacks and jokers here, hold it up. you'll figure out why it's called this. it's based off of a playing card. see it there? george clooney wears this stuff. so you will look just like george clooney. it's not cheap sfuf you're
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going to get it free. purple that is a $20 gift certificate good for cleaning, laundry and more. >> so they come to your house? >> yes. and dan, how do we get this stuff? >> i want to look like george clooney as long as you're there go to michael finney's consumer blog. i've got three additional items. >> totally.
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we have breaking news in oakland. a shooting on 82nd avenue and a street. sky 7 is live over the scene now. police believe the victim is a child there is a day care center there. we can see toys on the street. it appears it's not critical. we have a crew on the way. you can also get updates by following us on twitter on abc
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7 news bay area. >> in addition also join us in half an hour, coming up then, outlook for finding a job in california is improving. one place they've been recruiting all week. the fate of a california kondor surviving a scare but can it survive the bullet? i'll have that story and when a woman was told to use a blow drier to defrost a refrigerator she knew it was time to contact michael finney. >> i'm so glad he's here to help. >> that is going to do it for us. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we'll see you again this is "world news." tonight, shock and worry. thousands and thousands of people learning they have to be tested for hiv, because of that dentist. >> i could not believe it.
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>> tonight, what we have learned about the man at the center of the huge health scandal. warpath. north korea vowing to settle the score with the u.s. and bob woodruff tonight on what he is hearing from experts and what he has seen in the eyes of the new young leader. smog buster. a new plan to give you a cleaner commute. but will we all pay more at the pump? and shrouded in secrecy. unraveling a big mystery on this holy friday. the shroud of turin. what everyone is about to see for the first time in decades. good evening to you on this good friday. but tonight, as so many american families prepare for the easter weekend, in one american city, thousands of people are now being notified that they must be tested for hiv and other
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dangerous diseases because they trusted their dentist. 7,000 people reeling from the news in oklahoma. and for the first time, we're hearing from some of them tonight. abc's chief medical editor dr. richard besser tracking the story. >> reporter: 7,000 patients that sought treatment at this tulsa, oklahoma, dentist office, worrying they may have contracted hepatitis or hiv. linda grimm is one of them. >> a news break came on the radio and it was about a dentist and dirty equipment and then at the end they gave his name and i just went -- what? real loud. i could not believe it. >> reporter: grimm told us dr. scott harrington's office wasn't like other dentists she'd been to. >> usually they are well lit. they're bright. there are lots of people. they're friendly. it was very -- you didn't see that many people. >> reporter: today, the health department sent grimm and thousands of other patients this letter, gi


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